The Archer-Taylor Swift

歌手?:?Taylor Swift


早起看完直播就释出弓箭手真的是Really Soon!姐在直播中实锤每专track5都是'Emotional Honest Song',Lover的弓箭手初听起来和戳儿Animal很像,仿佛置身于仙境之中,而其中'Who could ever leave darling,who could stay'我直接听哭..她总能细腻地描绘出感情,就好像ATW,就好像脆皇..Tay,I could Stay!!

好好好听给老霉疯狂打电话说霉霉词曲水平下降还扬言脱粉的出来打脸吧这首歌简直回到了1989的巅峰好趴,好有this love和you are in love的感觉(个人觉得)总之炒鸡好听,祝蝶姐专辑大卖,弓箭手slay(●'?'●)?

《Taylor Swift》生于《1989》,经历过《Fearless》,挫受过《reputation》的打击,但是霉粉们一直对霉霉保持《Speak Now》,一直是霉霉的《Lover》,最后希望霉霉能一直《Red》下去!

全调一个基调旋律到底,但是更加突出了泰勒的人声纯净,我可以听到脆弱,释怀,复杂情绪以及一切脱离迷雾森林的景愿,在歌词上的处理永远显得自如,像是日记心思,我可以想到以后,也许她在演唱会上唱起这首歌,她唱:Who could ever leave me darling… But who could stay?而我在底下热泪盈眶:I could stay,forever and always

歌曲已无预警释出!!霉霉Taylor Swift在直播中说到想给大家带来专辑的另外一面,不会拍摄歌曲MV,因为这支单曲不是用来打单的,但这支单曲绝对是最用心的。这是老霉34支登顶iTunes的歌曲,恭喜ヾ ^_^?。?

??Taylor Swift, a butterfly woman with a talent and beauty, From the trough of the reputation to Lover,Our Chinese fans will always support you我们追溯着夏日海岸,我们听着love story去寻找白马王子,我们听着red表达感情,我们听着lover学会蜕变成长??

我有一个《lover》,名叫《Taylor Swift》,她出身于《1989》,她对我的成长至关重要,因为她教会了我《speak now》,有一段时间,某些人和某些破事使她的《reputation》很不好,因为她很《RED》,但是她《fearless》,破茧成蝶,焕颜一新!8月23日,蝶姐我来了!


track 5听起来永远那么感情浓重。日记的感觉,私密且令人动容,鼓点的声音也太抓耳了吧,结尾的感觉也太感动了吧,真的太喜欢了吧,开始听不觉好听,越听越好听,单曲循环了。提前预定全专最佳!!!


Every time I listen to your song, Taylor, I feel the same. It's like you've stolen my diary. Your song always gives me hope when I fall. You are always encouraging and helping others. Tay, we will always support you behind! Taylor, we love you forever! You are our eternal faith!

I've been shot with your arrow! I'm in love! It's just these heart-thrilling chapters that brought your work world renown. You meant so much to me in the time of hardship. I love this song, awesome and touching. Just can’t wait to be a part of The Lover World tour And I love you??

Hey, Taylor! Your new song is very pleasant to hear. I am a 14-year-old middle school student. I began to know you from TS6 and your experience has influenced me a lot, and I am working hard to meet you one day. I will love you and support you forever!

This song is very emotional, smooth rhythm, fresh and crisp text ,all of these construst a music world of full tension, the difference between the assembly line production of hackneyed and stereotyped expressions is this song always have a special feeling, poetic and pure!

Hi Taylor, after waiting so long, the song finally came out.I can't believe how fast time flies. You're transformed from a little princess into a powerful woman.The lyrics of this song deeply touched my heart.This is what you feel fromyour heart after experiencing life.And Swifties will be with u